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May 23, 2012
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May 23, 2012

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Corporate Flight Attendant: Holly Speer

Corporate Flight Attendant Location: Houston, Texas

Nearby private aviation airports:

IAH – George Bush Intercontinental Houston Airport – Houston, TX

CXO – Lone Star Executive Airport – Houston, TX

DWH – David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport – Houston, TX


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Corporate Flight Attendant Training Course: Beyond and Above

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Objective .


Seeking a position as a Corporate Flight Attendant in the aviation industry where my training and work ethic can be utilized. To ensure safety and service to elite clientele.


Education & Training .


2012 – Beyond and Above – Corporate Flight Attendant Training School, Ft. Lauderdale


  • Emergency Training that follows FAA guidelines for Part 91, 125 & 135.

  • First Aid, CPR and AED.

  • In Flight Catering, Ordering and Food Safety.

  • Food Garnishing and Wine Presentation


1996-1999 San Jacinto College, Pursued an Associates Degree with emphasis in Business


– Excellent computer skills using Microsoft Office and Excel

– Outstanding organizational skills

– Self starter with high level motivation


Work Experience .


2008-present Bakkhus Taverna Greek Restaurant & Bar – Kemah, Tx

– Bartender, waitress


2006-2009 Precision Gas Well Testing – Wharton,Tx

– Corporate Account Manager/field sales


2006 C&N Hydrotesting – Pearland, Tx

– Sales Representative


1998-2005 High Profile Promotions, First Class Models – Houston, Tx

– Promotional Model/Spokesperson


Passports/Languages: Current USA Passport / Native English Speaker & learning Spanish


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