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February 25, 2016
Your Flight Attendant Career
March 25, 2016

“Do what you love”, this is the number one rule for success in any given field. Flight attendant careers open up the potential for just this kind of lifestyle. Traveling the globe, working with interesting people, creating your own schedule, and living a dynamic lifestyle, you’ll never be bored with the flight attendant jobs you will have.

Corporate flight attendant jobs

are different from commercial flight attendant jobs for many reasons. First, when formal training with a commercial airline is complete, flight attendants are placed on reserve status. Reserve status means you can be called in at any time when flight attendants on vacation or absent from their shift, with as little as 2 hours notice 20 days out of the month. Generally reserve is only 1-2 years, but can last up to 10 years.

When you start your corporate flight attendant career you are given a lot of freedom. Corporate flight attendants will tend to have more notice before boarding the plane. But most importantly, you also have the ability to create your own schedule, working specifically with individuals and small companies instead of large commercial airlines.

While working for a commercial airline most flight attendants generally start with regional jobs. Only being able to fly within certain cities in the U.S. sometimes not even out of area of the country, which the headquarters is located. However, corporate flight attendant jobs allow you to travel all over the world. And because you are flying for individuals most of your vacations will be longer and overseas.

Private jet flight attendant jobs can be found everywhere and even in smaller cities. Unlike larger commercial companies where you have to move to a headquarter in order to land a job, with private aviation you can stay close to home.

Before beginning your flight attendant career:

Get training!

Once a commercial flight attendant is hired, airlines provide their initial training, ranging from 3 to 6 weeks. As a corporate flight attendant your career begins with a training like the one at Beyond and Above, which is only 1 week! This may sound short but we follow the guidelines set forth by the FAA and the program can be covered in just 1 week!

At Beyond and Above we want to see our trainees be successful in their flight attendant careers. We feel finding your dream career is so important that we assist our graduates on finding jobs for years after they take our training.


Find out more about how to start your flight attendant career by checking out our training program!