State-of-the-art Training Facility at FXE

Jennifer Skelt – Corporate Flight Attendant School Graduate – North Carolina
November 28, 2015
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December 5, 2015

Beyond and Above Corporate Flight Attendant training is announcing its new training facility for corporate flight attendants and pilots. In an effort to maintain the highest of standards of training. Beyond & Above has upgraded to a new, larger facility adding many features and an extra day to fully complete it’s rise to the top of the corporate flight attendant training ladder.

Check out the pictures of our new corporate flight attendant training facility:



With the new, larger facility Beyond & Above was able to add extra features to its training.



“The ambiance is amazing, you feel like you are in an actual aircraft, giving briefs, preparing meals and practicing emergency procedures”




With the new facility Beyond and Above has been opening its doors to flight departments who would like to train their pilots and crew in a aviation environment located at the FXE airport.




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