Airline Stewardess Salary, Hourly Pay & Compensation for Commercial Flight Attendants and Corporate Flight Attendants

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December 1, 2015
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December 22, 2015

What is a typical flight attendant`s salary? Here is a list compiled by Flight Attendant Career Connection on what the salary is for flight attendants and airline stewardess and how much they get paid per hour.  This was made by real flight attendants and stewardess from all over the USA.

Disclaimer: these are not official numbers and we do not represent any airline below. We are a corporate flight attendant training school and our flight attendant salary and pay is very different.  Updated as of 2016. Please let us know if you know of any changes.

airline stewardess salaryAllegiance: $20/hr min: 75 hrs

American: $24.18/hr min:75 hrs

Compass: $17.40/hr 75 hrs

Corporate Flight Attendants: $450 Domestic per day – $600 International per day – No required hours. (register free)

Express Jet: $19/hr min: 80 hrs

Frontier: $19.52/hr min: 75 hrs

Horizon: $20/hr min: 82 hrs

Jet blue: $18.50/hr 70hrs

Mesa: $15.91/hr

PSA: $17.63/hr min: 72 hr

Private Aviation: $450 dom/day – $600 Int/ day – No required hours. (more info)

Southwest: $25.74

Spirit: $18.04/ hr 72 hrs

Trans States: $17.50/hr min: 70hrs

United (s/co side): $20.49/hr min: 83 hrs

*These numbers are from Flight Attendant Career Connection, not official numbers, just a guide. Do not repost or share as official numbers.

Did this help you figure out more on airline stewardess salary and pay? We think it is a great idea to post salary for airline flight attendants here so people can see how much our training (more here) to become a private / corporate flight attendant is a great option.

Corporate Flight Attendant Salary is on average $450 per day pay Domestic, and $600 per day pay International average 2 passengers per flight. Stay at the best hotels (which are paid for), the destinations are the best in the world, flying with the rich and famous is normal, per diem is around $100 a day, and flight attendants get paid the same rate while you are waiting to fly, and lastly, corporate flight attendants choose when they want to fly.