Think Outside the Eggshell – Preparing an Egg on a Private Aircraft

Easter's on it's way..Think outside the eggshell
If you order egg omelet shells from your caterer or make them fresh on board your aircraft, here are some ideas for your inside ingredients.

    • Ukranian omelet;  sauteed mushrooms, green onions and sour cream with potatoes on the side
    • Caprese omelet;  fresh tomato, buffalo mozzarella cheese and fresh basil
    • Eggs Benedict omelet;  Canadian bacon inside, hollandaise on top and English muffin on the side
    • Mediterranean omelet;  feta cheese, artichoke hearts, fresh tomato and fresh basil garnish
    • Pizza omelet;  (kids love this)  prepare omelet flat and top with any pizza ingredient but instead of sauce use fresh tomato


...And for your credenza, in addition or lieu of flowers, try a basket with a variety of spring colored items,  i.E., colored egg candy, napkin roll-ups and treats with spring or Easter colored themes

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